Way to future Technologies

T2Inc wants to create a bridge between inventor, an industry and user masses.
All activities will be kept strictly confidential and on No Names basis unless absolutely needed. Any entity can participate as inventor or user or both.
  Technology Suppliers
Universities, Research laboratories, inventors or even franchisee options can become technology suppliers.
  Technology Seekers
Industries, Entrepreneurs, Startups , franchisee seekers and other technology seekers. Traders please excuse.
Persons, organizations financers who want to finance green field projects, VCs, Angle financers Consultants, organizations who want to invest without day today hassles.
Consultants who are interested to work on projects in branches of technology, finance, implementation, market surveys and all such fields on monetary basis
  All the registrations in the category are free of cost. Please message us for further processing.
Participants cannot predict the exact results of technology transfer efforts in the short term. However, the maturing portfolio of license agreements is likely to yield several ew product introductions for the coming year, and even another many more in future.
An increase in the number of licensed products on the market predicts that the reported sales of licensed products, will also increase. Continued creation of new companies will continue stimulating preproduction investment in inventions. Thus, without knowing exactly which products will become available or which companies, we can still expect to report a growing portfolio of important and practical inventions and growing public benefit and economic impact of technology transfer activities.
Most important, there is a growing recognition within industry that technology transfer efforts afford significant opportunities to many communities:
To the inventor, technology transfer gives the opportunity to have a positive impact on the marketplace, products and economic impact
To the industrial community, technology transfer gives the private, for-profit sector the means to tap the very significant world of new discovery found in the laboratory
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